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My rant about some of the modesty literature…

It makes me angry when I read about how we as women need to protect men from dirty thoughts by dressing modestly. Men are in charge of their own thoughts. Even though I am attracted to men with a great set of muscles it is up to ME not to stare at shirtless men or think about inappropriate things in the presence of a shirtless male. When I dress modestly it is for ME.

I wear clothing that covers me because I want random strangers to look at my eyes, not my chest. I want them to see my smile, not my skin. I wear covering clothes because I honestly believe my personality is more charming than my skin.

In a perfect world, filled with true men, I would be seen for who I am rather than what I have. But we are not in a perfect world. Men stare and idolize women’s body more than their strength, beauty or charm. That is why I am modest because I want men to approach me because of my laugh, not because of my curves.