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stephiedanger asked
How does one become a Eucharistis Minister? I think it would be a great Honor. I would also like to be a reader, but I don't know how to start getting involved.

Easiest way? Talk to your pastor! Some diocese require some training (in Cleveland we have a 4 hour class). But really just talk to your priest and they can point you to the right person to talk to in order to get your name on the schedule.

I’m being a Eucharistic Minister tonight for the first time in years! So nervous I’m going to mess up! But also so pumped to help out in such an extraordinary way :) Prayers please?

Humiliation is my daily food. I understand that the bride must herself share in everything that is the groom’s; and so His cloak of mockery must cover me, too. At those times when I suffer much, I try to remain silent, as I do not trust my tongue which, at such moments, is inclined to talk for itself, while its duty is to help me praise God for all the blessings and gifts which He has given me. When I receive Jesus in Holy Communion, I ask Him fervently to deign to heal my tongue so that I would offend neither God nor neighbor by it. I want my tongue to praise God without cease. Great are the faults committed by the tongue. The soul will not attain sanctity if it does not keep watch over its tongue.

St. Faustina, Diary 92 (via burning-lampstand)

Catholics are romantic. We believe that two people can fall in love and stay in love. We believe that the biggest jerk can become the holiest person in our lives. We believe that the lowly are the ones who will be raised, the downtrodden the blessed, and the ones who are taken advantage of, justified. We believe that joy changes lives. That a piece of bread and a cup of wine transforms into the body and blood of Christ. And consuming that body and blood will transform us. We believe that we can step into a confessional a repentant sinner and walk out a forgiven son or daughter. We are romantic.

Ryan Mann, seminarian
(quote is not verbatim)   (via firerainingdown)

WAIT, How do you know Deacon Mann? Do you live by me? Do we have a mutual friend?

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Um. Yeah. So this happened on my MacBook this afternoon. I don’t know either.

Thrift Shop Parody (I’m Gonna Go To Mass)

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I’m gonna go to Mass

Only got a Rosary in my pocket

I, I, I’m coming, looking for my Missal

My God is so awesome

Walk up in the Church, like whaddup, we got a big flock

A billion in the world, shout outs to Peter, the first Rock

Holy Eucharist, not it ain’t symbolic

Sacramental wine, in my cup - alcoholic

Rollin’ in, hella deep, headed to the sacristy

Dressed in all white, except the cope and stole, those are green

Draped in a chasuble, Pope’s all infallible

One hour fasting, Last ate at 4:36……….

Cuz I’m going to the five o clock Mass.

And I be standing and kneeling about to go and get my exercise

Nourished by word and sacrament I swear that I be energized

JP II to be canonized

Sainthood swag, better recognize

Evangelize the nations through our love, Heaven is our prize.

Deaf to all the Devil’s lies, Deaf to all the Devil’s lies

No for real, ask my grandma I ain’t bout that sinful life

That mantilla with that white Roman collar

Prayin up a storm, we all make the Heaven’s holla

Collection basket in my pew so I give a dollar

Flying high above my foes, call me Iguodala

Our Father

Hail our Holy Mother

Help us through whatever

We pray things these things together

One God in the Holy Spirit Forever forever, forever ever, ever ever,


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If you understood the Eucharist you would never ever leave the Catholic Church.

Mark Hart (via thehighwaylesstraveled)

This may be my third time reblogging but it still rings true. 

The Ultimate Catholic Wedding


Please pray for me and my fiance as we prepare for this sacred sacrament.